I guess I’m onto something….

Now and then I pop in to see my view count at TED.com and I’m very happy to have impacted so many viewers even without actively promoting my talk. Now that I’ve been leading even more events virtually since when I gave this talk nearer the beginning of the pandemic, I have more insights toContinue reading “I guess I’m onto something….”

How does Trust and Belonging affect the Future of Work?

At The Future of Work 24 conference this spring, I met Saskia Listle, a consultant around digital strategies, mentoring, emerging tech, and digital diversity. She’s a native of Germany but now based in Brittany (see the advantages of getting up early to meet during others’ preferred time zones?) and we had some excellent conversations aboutContinue reading “How does Trust and Belonging affect the Future of Work?”

New videoconference app + 5-minute icebreaker instructions

Resource: mmhmm.app Content: The Object Game I happened upon this very cool tech that centers the PRESENTER of slides rather than just the slides themselves, and does it in very cool ways that are phenomenally more interesting than what’s native in Zoom. (I’d previously used Loom, which has a lot less functionality, and Prezi, whichContinue reading “New videoconference app + 5-minute icebreaker instructions”

Want to train with me (or my organization)?

The National School Reform Faculty offers “open” trainings in-person and virtually throughout the year, and you do not have to be an educator to benefit from these events! (I had no experience as an educator before I took my first NSRF training, and it was so impactful I had to join the organization!) Click hereContinue reading “Want to train with me (or my organization)?”

“When Talking Behind Our Backs is Best”

In February 2020, I delivered a PechaKucha talk at a national conference for educators, titled “When Talking Behind Our Backs is Best.” If you’re not familiar, a Pecha Kucha (pronounced “peh CHA koo sha”) is a short-talk format started in Japan.  Each presenter creates a Powerpoint of 20 slides, each of which is timed at 20 seconds.Continue reading ““When Talking Behind Our Backs is Best””

The hardest part about speaking at TED or TEDx?

Some people might say it’s the stage fright. Others (if they’re honest) might feel it’s imposter syndrome. For me, and for many others I’ve coached when I was the curator for TEDxBloomington, it’s paring down what I can say in a limited period of time. Every word has to count because it’s taking some ofContinue reading “The hardest part about speaking at TED or TEDx?”

I should be practicing my TEDxBloomington talk right now

But instead, at the moment, I’m creating a website of my own. Why do this? Because my brain can only focus on memorization and practice for chunks of time, not 24/7. Because it’s better than watching Hulu/Netflix/Facebook/whatever. Because it’s a form of self-care, a sort of “nesting” for a virtual home for my own writing.Continue reading “I should be practicing my TEDxBloomington talk right now”