How does Trust and Belonging affect the Future of Work?

At The Future of Work 24 conference this spring, I met Saskia Listle, a consultant around digital strategies, mentoring, emerging tech, and digital diversity. She’s a native of Germany but now based in Brittany (see the advantages of getting up early to meet during others’ preferred time zones?) and we had some excellent conversations about how geographic culture affects trust and belonging at that event. Among other things, since I grew up in a part of Indiana where not only my family but nearly everyone around me were descendants of German immigrants, I found it fascinating hearing her describe what it was like to grow up in Germany. (Another participant in that conversation was a German native who’d immigrated to the States, but I didn’t catch his name, unfortunately.) So many similarities, and yet such differences!

Later, we connected on LinkedIn, and she invited me to be one of her inaugural guests on her brand-new podcast, Conversations with My Future Skills.

On her new show, she interviews a wide variety of professionals around topics including Innovation, Connection, and, you guessed it, Trust.

Conversing with Saskia around Trust was an extraordinary experience! First, we talked for more than 90 minutes, and she decided to keep nearly every minute of that discussion! (I’ll be curious as to who listens to the entire podcast beyond my immediate circle of family and friends who feel compelled to do so at my request!)

I was delighted to speak from my heart about Trust and Belonging, and Saskia asked a lot of great questions to help me feel and think even more deeply about these topics.

I hope you’ll listen and let me know what you think.

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