The hardest part about speaking at TED or TEDx?

Here I am, welcoming the TEDxBloomington audience in 2014 … not the most flattering moment, but I was so happy and proud of our speaker lineup! Photo Credit: Amelia Chong

Some people might say it’s the stage fright.

Others (if they’re honest) might feel it’s imposter syndrome.

For me, and for many others I’ve coached when I was the curator for TEDxBloomington, it’s paring down what I can say in a limited period of time. Every word has to count because it’s taking some of my previous few minutes onstage.

After having coached 60+ speakers for this stage, I’m feeling the pain as I prepare my own TEDxBloomington talk. This ten-minute talk has gone through countless revisions … adding bits, then needing to take away equivalent chunks of time. When my curator informed me there wouldn’t be a timeclock to watch, and that if I went over my allotted time, it was not a big deal … that’s a dangerous thing to say to someone like me!

Today I realized that all the bits that I have needed to cut out can be fodder for this website: I’m delighted to write more here about WHY I said the things I said in the talk, and how you can benefit from subscribing to this site to learn even more.

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