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I guess I’m onto something….

Now and then I pop in to see my view count at TED.com and I’m very happy to have impacted so many viewers even without actively promoting my talk. Now that I’ve been leading even more events virtually since when I gave this talk nearer the beginning of the pandemic, I have more insights to…

How does Trust and Belonging affect the Future of Work?

At The Future of Work 24 conference this spring, I met Saskia Listle, a consultant around digital strategies, mentoring, emerging tech, and digital diversity. She’s a native of Germany but now based in Brittany (see the advantages of getting up early to meet during others’ preferred time zones?) and we had some excellent conversations about…

The Future of Work?

A few thoughts about the annual Future Of Work 24 conference, a 24-hour, round-the-globe series of Zoom meetings.

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