Want to train with me (or my organization)?

The National School Reform Faculty offers “open” trainings in-person and virtually throughout the year, and you do not have to be an educator to benefit from these events! (I had no experience as an educator before I took my first NSRF training, and it was so impactful I had to join the organization!)

Click here to visit the NSRF Open Training page. Not all the events listed here will be facilitated by me*, so if you want to work with me, specifically, touch base with me here. I’d also be delighted to talk with you about what you’re hoping to gain, and match you with (or create for you) an agenda that meets your needs.

*There are just a few seats still open in the April 20th + 22nd Belonging Microcredential, and I am leading that one. And my colleagues at NSRF are wonderful, too, so you’ll enjoy any training listed here!

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