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New videoconference app + 5-minute icebreaker instructions

Resource: Content: The Object Game I happened upon this very cool tech that centers the PRESENTER of slides rather than just the slides themselves, and does it in very cool ways that are phenomenally more interesting than what’s native in Zoom. (I’d previously used Loom, which has a lot less functionality, and Prezi, whichContinue reading “New videoconference app + 5-minute icebreaker instructions”

Two-minute teaser

Watch this two-minute preview of Luci’s talk about Making Zoom More Human and Humane, and let’s talk about bringing me to your audiences.

I should be practicing my TEDxBloomington talk right now

But instead, at the moment, I’m creating a website of my own. Why do this? Because my brain can only focus on memorization and practice for chunks of time, not 24/7. Because it’s better than watching Hulu/Netflix/Facebook/whatever. Because it’s a form of self-care, a sort of “nesting” for a virtual home for my own writing.Continue reading “I should be practicing my TEDxBloomington talk right now”

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